Hi! I am Helen, UX designer with Graphic design background.

I believe that meaningful, beautiful, and thoughtful design can change the world!

I am a UX designer who delivers effective visual detailed design. I constantly learn UX design from sources like Google to BrainStation to keep up with the latest trends, methodologies and tools. I am passionate about creating innovative solutions for everyone and helping them live more quality lives.

I am sure every experience on any scale taught me valuable life lessons. Last few years, I worked as an art teacher, a team leader of the customer service representative and a skincare consultant to find out who I am and what I want to do. (And handling freelance design jobs too!) These journey helps me understand myself that I love to listen to what others think, figure out their needs, and make them happy to solve the problem.

Also, my graphic design background and the brand identity consult experience lead me to dive into the UX design. I am passionate about helping businesses to find their values and improve the experience of their products with aesthetic expertise.

When I am not designing, I love to read a book, sip a coffee, and play with my COVID puppy, Thunder 🐶
Feel free to contact me iamhelenkang@gmail.com

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